DEXToken First Public Beta Announcement

Building a new DeFi Ecosystem

Singapore / DEXToken Protocol is launching its first public beta round DEX on December 23rd.

The DEXG Swap public beta

The DEXG Swap exchange has been built on top of our brand-new speculative AMM (sAMM) volatility pricing system and comprises a liquidity pool management and swap exchange interface. Both the sAMM and the exchange platform have been proposed and completely self-developed by the Flowchain Foundation.

Overview of the DEXG Exchange ecosystem

What’s the public beta for?

Details of the public beta

You can access the DEXG Swap public beta using the following URL:

  • Swap exchange
  • beta (a REST API server to aggregate and serve on-chain data)
  • No fee mint: The transaction fee is set to 0% as well.
  • DEXG Swap: 0x67dB1Ba43f93f615D8Fb8921400e49D6e483d433

Feedback and issues

To share your feedback with us, or to report bugs, issues and vulnerabilities please utilise Telegram to message our feedback collector accounts:

Final words

Inspiring times are ahead for our team, where we will finally reveal our sAMM technology to the DeFi world. Nonetheless, the DEXG team will continue to work around the clock on all aspects of our project to ensure the marketing exposure and successful deployment of the DEXG Swap exchange on the Ethereum mainnet.


Dextoken is a DeFi infrastructure with a proposed Speculative AMM and is managed by the DEXG community —