GEL Mainnet Announcement & GEL airdrop

Disclaimer: GEL token is not an investment.

GEL is live

We are pleased to announce that after launching DEXG Swap, our liquidity incentive and utility token GEL is now also available on mainnet. For more information on GEL please read our previous medium article INTRODUCING GEL — DEXG ENHANCED LIQUIDITY.

Claim your stake

It will now be possible to claim GEL for those that participated in DEXG staking. We have carefully considered the risks involved in each round when deciding on a correct distribution key. To find out exactly how much GEL you can claim, please use the link below and enter the public address of the wallet that was used during staking.

Airdrop Distribution

In total, 247,500 GEL will be distributed amongst stakers as laid out in the tokenomics for GEL in the aforementioned medium article.

  1. Calculate the average shares of participants depending on the time and amount of pledged tokens to the staking rounds.
  2. Allocate the GEL of the staking round to every participant based on the average shares.
  3. Take the total sum from step 3.

Dextoken is a DeFi infrastructure with a proposed Speculative AMM and is managed by the DEXG community —

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